10 things you should stop doing to lead a woman if you do not plan to follow through


10 things you should stop doing to lead a woman if you do not plan to follow through

It is easy to win a woman; Easier than you would have thought. she does not need your fancy gifts, your credit cards, your money or luxury dates. All she needs is your attention, authenticity, honesty, especially  honesty and clarity. Here is the question of clarity. It is subjective, what I have learned. Perhaps, for you, clarity means if you love someone or something. Perhaps another would have more to do with the depth and certainty of their feelings towards someone or something. That’s what makes people interesting; We can interpret things as we like. But here is the problem: We often confuse interpretation with misinterpretation. And this leads to many gray areas. Do not mistake yourself; I love gray. It is an excellent color. But it is not such a great feeling.

And when you go on; It is gray feeling. In fact, you are doing all the time; You probably do not know, which is just an excerpt from “Lame”, but hey, everything and still do. So, here is a woman who calls you on your skills (NOT) called “the driving”. Two words: I lose.

1. Listen Now

Stop paying so much attention to every word of his mouth. Yes, you are trying to prove that you are not listening; but you are. And guess what? You are far from giving, unfortunately. You know what makes you think? You really want to hear. You know when someone is listening to somethings else? Whenever they want. And yes, you can do that with others too. But the fact that you are doing with it, is something that sticks.

2. Be chatty to you

When you share so much or maybe more; When she talk to you, without having to nibble too much, or not at all. She is listening to everything you say. She makes a mental note of it, unconsciously, she is taken by the way you share things about it. You know how you feel? Special.

3. Show interest

When you show your interest for everything, or almost, it gives you the idea that, hmm, I do not know … you’re interested! And you awaken their interest too; Even if that did not mean what she wanted … even if that was not what you wanted. And if you start something you do not want to finish.

4. Be sensitive

For women, sensitivity is as appreciated as good men. And when a man shows a woman a part of him that is sensitive not only in general but to the things he says or does that makes him sit down and take down really note because suddenly you feel like you are doing exactly This and more. Only you are not.

5. Exit

No matter if she asks him to leave, or a plan materializes naturally you go out anyway. In fact, you do not just leave; You get out of your way. You raise the bar when it has not even established. Believe it … just to break later.

6. Carnation

If you have had a discussion,  or if you were wrong, stop making efforts to compensate. It makes you think you care more than necessary. You should not. Because here is the question of care: It is there, in this area near the center where the places for people who are important and are part of his life reserve. You also need to know if the person you love is taking care of. Huge difference out there, and you know what the danger in your gut.

7. Search for sound

When you can not see him, do not stop calling,search for her. In order to do so. When you look into your immediate environment, the things you do and the places you visit, you reach it more than what someone usually does. You’re pretty much going to reach.

8. flirt with her

He does not pronounce. You do not really have to talk about her buttocks, or her breasts, or crack cracking crack jokes that crazed love that crack. It could be as simple as looking more than usual … then see it. It could be as simple as breaking a smile when you see it. It could be as simple as making fun of it. Do not do it if it does not mean anything to you. Because it could mean something to it.

9. Give your hopes

Stop doing things that give hope where there is none. Stop starting the conversation; Stop asking for their personal stories; Stop sharing your own story also Stop talking about your family as well; Stop talking about the future, even if it is very vague possible. Stop taking note of his whims, unconsciously. Stop using “us”.

10. Bringing Intimacy
lets talk about s*x,how you want, how you want, when was the last time you were intimate, she likes or not, is physically and s*xually an intimate subject. And yes, while in a heteros*xual work even become desk conversations when you talk to someone who even slightly, has a totally different connotation.

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