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21 unique ways you can know that what you feel is true love


21 unique ways you can know that what you feel is true love

Love is a very powerful medicine. When you feel, you really feel. You can suspend time, which makes everyone look more, except for you two.

1. You see something and instead of thinking about what makes you happy, think how happy it would be.

2. You feel more comfortable with them than you have ever felt in your life. Even when you were 7 years old and had all the stuffed animals in the world.

3. You sing Macy Gray repeatedly throughout the day.

4. You can get everything angry or depressed or happy or whatever you are in front of them. And you know he will not change what I feel for you.

5. Patience: No matter how long it takes them to understand something, enjoy the teaching of spending time or learning from them.

6. You have the opportunity to use your costume to go, but still take five extra minutes to prepare.

7. You live for their peculiarities. You like to take all the dance floor when they break a movement. I like that you can not share meals because they hate chicken. You like talking about celebrities as if they were your real friends. You prefer to be rarer than anyone else.

8.’ll place it again, no matter how late it is and how you feel tired. Is always worth.

9. You do not want others. Yes, it is possible that some of them are attractive, but no part of you wants.

10. Your happiness means more than yours.

11. Willingly give for things that are not generally compromised.

12. Never get tired of your business. It is always better when they are there. Even if you two do not fill the silence, they are happy knowing that they are merely present.

13. You have moments of insecurity, but your peace of mind makes you realize that it does not matter. Only when they say things are fine, really you think.

14. You associate certain perfumes with them. Please keep the grass cut after its morning run. Leather football brings to the last autumn evening playing on the sheets taken. And we do not start with the smell of his pillow ….

15. You dream of all the ways you can take care of what you dream of all the ways you want to get care.

16. You never want to listen to them – even when they sing Motown absolutely terribly in the shower.

17. When you struggle – is part of loving someone – you really do not want to be angry with them. You do not speak badly of them after being resolved either because you know that their actions came from a good place.

18. As if even possible, you will find them even cuter when they sleep. (I promise you it’s not goose bum …)

19. They can come to you with anything – news, secrets, maybe even a baseball bat – and not judge or hate it.

20. You wake up happy if only because you get to see them that day.

21. Neither think Channing Tatum during s*x

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