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5 mistakes to avoid on your wedding night by both Parties


5 mistakes to avoid on your wedding night by both Parties

5 mistakes to avoid on your wedding night by both Parties

The wedding night is a special occasion for all married couples.

For many of us, the wedding night comes with a lot of expectations about what should happen and how it should develop.

Men and women have different expectations and different notions of what constitutes a perfect wedding party and these differences will continue to appear for the rest of their conjugal life.

A great wedding is not when the “perfect couple” comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to appreciate their differences. Dave Meurer
Based on this idea I have set up 5 mistakes that couples should avoid doing their wedding night to make sure they start their wedding on the right foot!

1. Do not expect s*x

For most women, the wedding day is the culmination of a marathon and can leave them exhausted. It is also an emotionally exhausting experience.

Men have, it is easy! After all, they must go through the trauma of selecting a well-fitting wedding wear!

Joking aside, it is a long way for husband and wife to marry,it is likely that both are too tired to create magic between the leaves as champions.

It is quite acceptable to have s*x and instead of using the wedding night to reconnect, cuddle and fall asleep.

2. Stop thinking about your body

Do not become obsessed with your body when approaching your wedding. Maybe you want to get into your wedding dress never dreamed of or maybe you want to be “perfect” for your husband on your wedding night. Whatever the reason, your best approach would be to let it go!

Let’s face it, the obsession of the body increases the anxiety that can ruin one of the most beautiful days of your life. And if you end up being intimate on the wedding night, you will not have fun if you are too self-conscious.

Discover these inspiring stories of how people stopped worrying about their bodies and hugged.

3. Do not be surprised without knowing it

There are a million things that can go wrong on the wedding day or the wedding night. You may develop an allergy, a real headache, suffering from indigestion, or forget to take their prescription pills. You can also end up with an unplanned pregnancy if you are not prepared.Remember to set up a kit with all the “emergency” medications and supplies that you can easily access at your wedding night. Put one of your relatives or friends in charge to ensure that you have everything you need.

4. Avoid Negative Feedback

It is scientifically proven that positive thoughts, words and actions can help you create a bond with your spouse. Treat your spouse as if he can not hurt the day of our marriage.

In a study of 470 couples to study compatibility, psychologist Marcel Zentner, Ph.D., of the University of Geneva, found no particular combination of personality traits that lead to a lasting love story with one exception The ability to support their “positive illusions”.

Why not avoid mentioning all the incidents that depict your spouse, family / friends to the poor light? Although they have committed a murder on the day of your marriage and both of you are happily married, keep your thoughts positive and make sure you have only good things to say.

5. Do not forget to create memories

Wedding festivities hot tub, emotional elevations, butterflies in the stomach, and in some cases an abnormal dose of wine can make you lose sight of the fact that the day belongs only to you and your husband.

While the photographer and wedding guests will record all the steps, videos and wedding album will be locked in your room for occasional dekko.

However, you can certainly make lasting memories together that will remind you why you are married to your spouse and will likely help you mount the storm of the relationship.

Here are some ideas to create memories of the wedding day and wedding night.

Plant a tree on your wedding day. The tree will become a reservoir of memories. You can even burn messages on it as it grows.
Write a secret message on a piece of paper and put the pieces of paper in a bottle. Open the bottle 10 years later and read the messages for each other. Be sure to put a date on the bottle to remind you.
Frame your wedding invitation cards and other wedding-related memorabilia and hang in your room card. To start a memory wall as cross more stages together. Remember, the wedding night is the first night you start putting the interests of your spouse in front of you own. As long as the couple develop a capacity to show empathy between them and there is broad support that will have a long and happy married life.

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