Ladies! Here are the signs that you have the best husband in the world

here are the sign that you have

Ladies! Here are the signs that you have the best husband in the world

here are the sign that you have
1. He seeks your advice

Her husband trusts you and acknowledge that you are your best resource for solving problems. You are the number one go. And to make decisions, ask for advice. It is not only to hear his advice, but uses that value their opinion.

2. boasts of you to his friends

Every woman wants to feel special as the only girl in the world. A great husband make you feel this way, not only for yourself, but for himself and friends.

3. He continues to work to win your heart

He assumes he “get the girl” just because you are married. It makes a conscious effort to do things that both have done while you were still taking dates, congratulating yourself and doing things that make you weak in your knees. The best husbands know that they must continue romancing his wife every day.

4. He’s useful

The norm is that women are supposed to do all the chores and a man is supposed to fix. If your man is full of love to arrange things around the house. Count on luck.

5. Displays public affection

On our side of the world, PDA (public display of affection) is a forbidden zone. There is also the idea that men are supposed to be aggressive with his wife. But a real husband show the world how much you love.

6. He’s considerate

Our men have been known to be very inconsiderate, mostly enslaving their wives. If your husband is caring for his time, helping with household chores and helping in case of need, you are a lucky woman.

7. You have much in common

You will find the same funny things, the same things and have a lot in common.

8. He’s not abusive

Domestic violence is nothing new on our side of the world, if your husband knows how to solve problems amicably, you are in good hands.

9. honest

It is very difficult to find an honest man these days, if you are honest and just yet account is a lucky woman.

10. It helps on children

In most households, women end up with tasks, child care, and so on. If your man help with children and their upkeep, it is best.

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