You really want to respond to treatment, this will help

Best Silent method to respond to treatment

You really want to respond to treatment, this will help

Best Silent method to respond to treatment

There is really nothing more devastating than receiving the silent treatment of someone you love. In all honesty, I would probably rather be screaming at each other for hours instead of being left alone without a single answer to all your efforts. It is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do to someone else, but there are ways to overcome them, and our helpful tips and answers will ensure you still have your pride and confidence, Even when you go through something as horrible as that.

is silent treatment violence?
You may be thinking of calling the abuse silent treatment is something hard. After all, there is a vast majority of people who only consider bodily harm abuse. And this is something real: injuries and injuries are a form of abuse known as physical abuse, but there are two other types of abuse that are so horrible, if not worse: physical and emotional abuse. And the silent treatment happens to be at once.

Think about what you feel when someone gets the silent treatment that loves and cares. You are sitting there alone and sad, thinking that you do not even deserve a small answer from them. You think it is quite worthy to be left alone and unhappy corner, because everything is his fault anyway. And apart from feeling like a worthless piece of land, you spend hours going through mental torture, wondering what the other person is thinking or doing during his long absence and silence. This is the reason why silent processing is considered a form of abuse.

Gain some confidence
We all know how important it is to have confidence in ourselves, whether we are going through silent treatment or not. But working with your self-confidence will ensure that you stay safe, dignified and happy, even going through tough challenges like silent treatment.

You see, the silent treatment is designed to make you feel that you are not worthy or anything, even something as little as an answer that tells you that I love you. It is designed to make you feel so small and despised that when you come back you are under the thumb. It is a form of manipulation, control and, of course, mistreatment. But for a happy and confident individual, the silent treatment will have absolutely no effect.

Another thing to consider is to continue to increase their confidence that the silent treatment is happening; This will help you spend time faster and help you focus on something other than feeling angry or going crazy trying to figure out what’s on your mind. With friends, go to the gym, get a massage – do what you need to do to keep her calm, happy, and most importantly, confident.

Do not answer any question
One of the most important and largest pieces of advice that one could give you is NEVER an answer from someone who gives you silent treatment.

Of course, you want to talk with them. You drive absolutely crazy does not answer. You get so desperate that you belittle ask for an answer. Do you know how this makes you see? It makes you look like a fool. It makes you believe that you need in your life, as you can not live without them. They are your whole world and you can not take a second without them. This is something you want to avoid completely in every way. Although it is probably killed inside your loved one does not respond to you, I do not ask. Never.

Apart from a weak worm apparently asking for an answer, another reason to completely avoid begging is because the narcissistic individual who gives the silent treatment really loved. Yes, you are sick of thinking but when you conjure a narcissistic person that makes them feel even better about themselves and can actually prolong the length of time that give silent treatment. They know that this moment you have wrapped around your finger and want to enjoy even more, with the smuggest smile and the vilest on his face.

Never let them know that it affects you
Another great tip is to never let them know that their silent treatment is affecting you in some way. You see, to a narcissistic person feel good knowing they are coming to you. It is your main goal, and if you let them know who is bothering you, they feel they have won.

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