The Nine special countries in the world that understand equality in Gender


The Nine special countries in the world that understand equality in Gender

Absolutely awesome title, eh? Well, the interesting thing is that everything is true. There are actually two countries in the world where the government is asking its citizens to have s*x and make babies.

Check out the countries that make my list.


Italy is generally considered to have a s*xually active population, but the reality is not quite the same. There is a decline in the fertility rate in Italy, so the Italian government has made efforts to change this situation. They have launched awareness campaigns with catchy lines like “Beauty does not age, fertility does” and “Go for it! Do not wait for the stork.


Maybe you did not know, but Singapore has the lowest fertility rate in the world, with only 0.81 children per woman.

Therefore they put a limit on the number of small beds available for rent to promote coexistence and the spending government would have about $ 1600 million in various programs so that people have more s*x.

In fact, the government offers money to people who have more than one child. Parents receive a “baby bonus” of about $ 4,400 for their first two children and $ 5900 for the third and fourth children.


Like Singapore, the design rate in this Asian country is at a low level. This has led the government to adopt the same policies as those in Singapore,yet success has not come to them..


It is surprising that India is on this list, right? See especially how its population is in the top 2 in the world, but hey, they are, and you are about to know why.

Now, while the total population of India is enormous, the Parsis community is slowly decreasing. And this leads to a series of dubious ads that encourage people to “responsible – do not use condoms tonight. ”

Other campaigns have shamed men who live at home with lines like “Is not it time to break up with your mother?”

This approach may seem a little hard, but you have to check that; It has been effective. There were only 61,000 Parsis living in the country in 2001, but the previous total enumeration is 69,000.


In South Korea, there is something called “family day”. It happens on the third Wednesday of each month. That day, the offices off the lights at 7 pm so workers can go home and enjoy light action.


Not really news that Japan suffers low design rate. A 2011 survey found that 61% of single men and 49% of women aged 18-34 did not have any kind of romantic relationship.

In order to try to get their young families to create, scientists came up with Yotaro – A baby robot designed to give people a taste of parenting. Students at Tsukuba University speculated that if young people could be considered as potential mothers and fathers would be more emotionally ready to settle.


Denmark is among the countries with low fertility rates. The Danes have such a low fertility rate (about 1.73 children per woman) a national travel company has come up with a series of bribes for women to have more children.


If you think the Singapore government is crazy, wait until you read about Russia.

According to the survey, Russia has a low design rate monumentally. Alcoholism is abundant, women are not having children, and men die young.

Everything was so bad that in 2007, the government proclaimed September 12th the official day of conception. Where people day to make babies, and women who give birth exactly nine months later (June 12) earn a refrigerator. Wow, huh?


In communist Romania, if you did not provide future state workers have children, who had to pay an income tax of 20% infertility. And in the 1980s, women were forced to undergo gynecological examinations to ensure that all pregnancies eventually took place.

All this has not borne fruit, because so far the fertility rate remains low.

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  1. The same measures and state laws must be passed in Greece. But we believe that doing nothing could bring results.
    nice post anyway

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