The power to stay in position when you feel you like running away
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The power to stay in position when you feel you like running away

You can not keep running away from your fears. At some point in life, you will have to develop the courage to confront and overcome them.

Last year my family moved from Australia to Singapore, which means new jobs, new schools, new relationships, a new way of life.

My husband was busy with his work, and I had two children with big eyes looking at the mummy for advice. Part of me went to take up the challenge, but another part of me, too, was overwhelmed by the prospect and struggled to let my feelings go. I also knew that the only way out of this emotional prison was through.

This chapter of my own travel zigzag confirmed that we have never discovered. You think you have (eureka!) Then life throws a curved ball and a temporary step back. And that’s fine.

Give me a good book and I’m happy. Reflection, writing & analyzing come naturally to me, while extra version is an acquired skill. Thus, the most difficult part of our new life for me was the social aspect.

Singapore has a large and diverse community of expatriates, and has been welcomed to open breakfasts, school events, barbecues. However, being introverted, all these well-meaning invitations have made my ego come on top. For me, it was a social overload, and he felt difficult.

Being the little new in town, I felt pressure to shop around and be my best, brilliant car (the one). However, a few weeks I press the pause button and jumped on the social ladder. Necessary to re-calibrate and find healthy ways to support me and my family through change and adjustment.

To keep the issue of new challenges, I took Ashtanga yoga. He had heard that it was a powerful practice that helped us learn to be present with difficulty and seemed to respond exactly to what I needed.

I took my yoga mat and took a local studio to discuss it, Claire against the ego.

The first morning I walked into the studio, the teacher was holding someone in a back curve while saying, “Trust in yourself, let go. “Mysore style of yoga is supported rather than directed by a teacher, you take by the postures at their own pace.

He has an empty space to make my mattress, and his first words were for me: “No one will save you, so we will get there. “(I will add here, for the record, this yoga teacher is a former coach of the American National Gymnastics, the light and easy fact!) My ego has been confronted. This study would not be a place to hide.

Yoga has a reputation for being super difficult, impressive postures and showing its best active use. Yoga is also about the work of the soul. What I found is a practice that challenges me, in front of me and supports me.

Yoga mat has become my metaphor for life and my insecurities. I took my struggles to study; They spread on the table, I worked with them, and then practiced the next day. And when my body was strengthened and straightened my posture, I felt stronger and straighter inside.

Some days were easier than others. On my best days, dopamine was pumping and I took my mattress with a relaxed determination; In the not so good days, I was sweating and tense and my mind was planning what to cook for dinner that night. It’s life. We are always present and what we can with what we have right now.

There were times (sometimes frequent!) When I wanted to give up. My mind said, “Claire is so difficult and painful Why you get through this can be honest being disturbed Just roll your carpet and leave the house warm for a cup of tea. Which would make life much easier.

Similarly outside the carpet, sometimes it was tempting to hide from new people through fear.

Community in Singapore is diverse, diversity and novelty me spooked. What if I can not find anything in common with my new community composed of people from all over the world India, Burma, Denmark, Norway, Germany and so on? What are we talking about? Do I want to? I wish.

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