Your “person” is, cheesy, outdated terms, your soul mate. They can be a best friend, an honest romantic partner, and the qualities that make him most of the time are the same in any way. There is a clear difference between someone who is just a “friend” or even a “best friend” or “boyfriend” – these are all very good things, but when someone is you , The people of the connection and commitment and the degree of understanding almost goose bumps is mutually completely next level.

This is the person you marry. It is the person who will be your best friend until one of you dies. This is a relationship that is not limited or defined by things like circumstantial being in school together, or going through a phase of life where you are like, but ultimately grow and change and be separated from each other. This person is stuck forever because what you are united is not so superficial – is at the heart of what you are. It is immutable. You’re stuck with this crazy for life.

This’s how you know you found them:

When something is wrong, you can not hide from them

For the rest of the world, you might appear quite well. But the slightest change in his behavior how they responded to a text or a quick glance he reached the face before replacing it with a smile – a little something that could be completely undetectable to any other. .. they catch. Every time.

But they respect your privacy

Privacy is not always to keep secrets or afraid to share things. Often, he just made space to know how you feel about something like that when you share, you really know what to say. Everyone takes a different amount of time to do it. And everybody has certain things that do not need to open, they have the right to support themselves. Someone who is really your people respects, and I no longer push out part of what you want. You will not need to have access to your little thoughts and feelings only to validate their importance to you. How they know how important they are. But they also know that no matter how much the two of you are still people are separated and do not possess your brain or your heart.

Nothing that happens in your life is real until you say

If you get an increase at work, or you accept the graduate school, or you cut your hair completely, or hear a hilarious joke – none of this really happened until you can tell your people on this subject. Once the two laughed, cried, or grumbled something, it is true. The longer minutes of your life are always the time between something interesting happens and when you can tell this person about it.

You don’t know how important you are to them

I was looking for the best, and you saw the hangover, the flu, on your sofa while your apartment is 18 tons thick. And do not mind. A high level of comfort and ease of being totally yourself is a fundamental part of something that is your person.

They are on your side. Always. Without hesitation.

If someone is fucking with you, they are screwed at once. It is the rule. There is no situation where that person is not automatically on their side. You do not have to be right. They are his teammate and have the back, no matter what.

But also tell you when you are wrong

Once the person is done behind you, they will also call you, if that is what is needed. There is a good balance between being a united front in the world, but not deceiving the other in private. They you know, you like, you rely on each other, which means they tell you when you are an idiot. Because you know what they mean by love.

Only you know

Some of the signs that someone is your person can be described. Others are so intangible that defy honestly words. It is just a feeling. It is a thing of the intestine. You are known. Without a good explanation or logical reason, there is only one thing that is present at once and is the same. You saw the other immediately, and from that moment on, you felt more understood a little less alone and.

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